Thousands of Peruvians urge official to deny abortion protocol

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Nearly five thousand Peruvians signed a petition demanding that the country’s Health Minister, Alberto Tejada, reject a “therapeutic abortion” protocol, which could enable abortion on demand in Peru.

The petition, backed by almost 20 pro-life organizations, argues that Health Minister Tejada “has no reason to approve a protocol for abortion, because there is no legal basis or public support” for it in the country.

The statement was crafted by United for Life and the Family National Committee, and reflects the position of the majority of Peruvians.

Abortion advocates in the country are pressuring government officials to approve a protocol for therapeutic abortion – which allows for the procedure in cases of health endangerment to the mother – before April 30. 

The UN Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which sanctioned Peru in 2007 for refusing to allow an adolescent identified as “L.C.” to undergo a therapeutic abortion, had sent a deadline for the end of April for Peru to legalize the practice.

Specialists consulted by EWTN News have repeatedly pointed out that the CEDAW has no authority to order Peru to adopt such practices as its decisions are non-binding and void of any legal force.

Carlos Polo, president of the Population Research Institute, said on April 27, “CEDAW has no authority to force Peru to do this because the treaty it oversees makes no mention of the 'right to abortion.' In fact, the 'right to abortion' is not a policy of the UN.”

Polo criticized abortion supporters in Peru, “who have no scruples about basing their arguments on lies,” adding that “government officials do have the duty to reject this initiative.”

The petition against the practice emphasizes that so-called “therapeutic” abortion is an “very old” excuse for claiming that “there are circumstances in which the life or health of the mother can justify the killing of an unborn child.”

Such claims are more than a century old, the petition states, and today all difficult pregnancies can be managed in such a way that “the only way in which a child would die is because he truly could not be saved.”

“The huge difference between abortion and the death of an unborn child in the act of attempting to save it needs be clear. What those who promote abortion want is to craft a protocol, that is, an administrative procedure, in order to scheduled a specific date and time for the death of an unborn child,” the petition states.

“Currently there is no statute in Peruvian law or in international law that requires the approval of a protocol for therapeutic abortion,” the statement reads.

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