Bishops call on Colombian court to rule against gay adoption

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Bishops in Columbia have urged the country's supreme court to uphold the definition of family based on marriage between man and woman and to rule against a petition for adoption by a same-sex couple.

The Constitutional Court is expected to issue a ruling soon on whether or not to grant custody of a lesbian woman’s daughter to her same-sex partner. The girl was conceived through artificial insemination.

Bishop Juan Vicente Cordoba – Secretary General of the Colombian bishops' conference – told the court not to overstep its bounds by modifying the constitution with rulings opposed by the nation. 

On April 20, the high court allowed a woman to transfer her pension to her lesbian partner and ruled that there are different kinds of families, not just the traditional family based on marriage between a man and a woman.

He said the court’s ruling flew in the face of a sound and correct interpretation of the constitution and went against “the authentic values that dignify the human person and contribute to the progress of society.”

In his pastoral letter, “United for Life and the Family,” published on Saturday, Bishop Cordoba said the court has no authority to change the constitution with interpretations based on “an ideology that is contrary to the natural order and the authentic dignity of the human person.”

Bishop Cordoba reiterated that the Church “has nothing against homosexuals or against the recognition of their legitimate and authentic rights,” as every human person has “the same fundamental dignity, the same value before God and the State.”

However, he said, “out of respect for this dignity,” the Church expresses her “active opposition” to issues such as the decriminalization of abortion, same-sex unions and adoption by same-sex couples.

“I think that decisions of such transcendence should be made in political arenas more open to the sound discussion of ideas and that are more representative of the democratic ideals of the nation, closer to the real concerns of the Colombian people,” Bishop Cordoba said.

He encouraged Colombians to be “vigilant and attentive, willing to defend life and the authentic nature of the family.”

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