Venezuelan cardinal says teachers should embrace words of Christ

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Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, archbishop of Caracas in Venezuela, said Catholic teachers can perfect their vocation by following the words of Jesus as the model for humanity.

The cardinal made his remarks during a gathering with Catholic teachers who work in public schools held June 22-24 at the St. Peter Parroquial School in Caracas.

“Christians who work in education should keep in mind three aspects that have major repercussions: the greatness of Jesus Christ as the model and teacher of humanity; the importance of our Christian status as believers; and the sublime nature of the vocation to be a teacher,” the cardinal said.

Cardinal Urosa also noted that the violence that has gripped the country is a result of aggressive attitudes among Venezuelans. 

“We must take control of the aggressiveness, anger, resentment, and especially, the violence that has spread in recent years and that is unfortunately fed by a legal system that guarantees impunity,” he said.

He called on parents to work together with teachers to minimize aggressive attitudes in children and young people.

“Children need to be given correction before it is too late, so they can see the difference between good and evil, but above all, in order to show them love.”

Cardinal Urosa then encouraged teachers to “recognize and accept the greatness of Jesus Christ” and to bear witness to their faith in their vocation. 

“The word 'teacher' is beautiful, as Jesus Christ was the greatest of all teachers and is the model we must follow,” he said.

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