Mexicans urge cancellation of condom campaign

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Over 660 civic organizations are calling on the Mexican government to cancel a pro-condom campaign, saying it relays false information to teens and encourages them to engage in risky sexual behavior.

In a letter to the Secretary of the Interior, Alejandro Poire Romero and the Health Secretary, Salomon Chertorivski Woldenberg, the organizations said abstinence programs should be promoted with the same amount of resources.

The groups argued that contrary to what the government’s campaign says, condoms are not 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.

Numerous scientific studies show that “condoms do not protect against STDs that are spread through skin contact, such as the human papillomavirus, pubic lice, herpes, syphilis, lymphogranuloma venereum, and others,” they said. 

Condoms also have a high rate of failure, “from 12 to 35 percent,” the organizations warned.

Sexual activity at an early age also increases the risk for STDs, unexpected pregnancies, depression, suicide, drug and alcohol consumption, they added. 

The organizations noted that the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control encourage young people to delay sexual activity and practice abstinence. 

“The only way to avoid STDs and pregnancy 100 percent at an early age is sexual abstinence, in same way that there are campaigns to prevent the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco,” they said.

They concluded by urging that “motherhood, fatherhood and childbirth be presented as something positive for the family and for society, which deserves and demands fidelity and responsibility.”

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