Bishop calls Mexican drug traffickers to conversion

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Bishop Julio Cesar Vidal of Cucuta, Colombia has called on Mexican drug traffickers to convert, saying their actions are only bringing suffering to Mexico.

“Drug trafficking only brings tears, despair, destabilization, and in the long run, drug traffickers cannot peacefully enjoy all the money they are capable of acquiring,” Bishop Vidal said during a recent visit to the country.

When “money becomes a false idol, everything is destroyed: our principles, our relationships, everything, and that has only brought blood, tears, sorrow and desolation not only to Mexico but also to Colombia,” he added.

According to the News Service of the Archdiocese of Mexico City, while in Mexico, Bishop Vidal celebrated Mass on Aug. 26 with Cardinal Norberto Rivera of Mexico City. 

He told reporters that members of four drug cartels in Colombia sought him out to help turn themselves in to Colombian authorities. 

“They understood that they were in an inhuman situation that endangered them, with all the money they had gained,” the bishop said.

“They could not enjoy it; they were endangering their families, many people and the State…there were no winners, only losers.”

“Therefore, I invite this beloved Mexican nation to confront this as citizens, and to our brothers engaged in drug trafficking – with all my heart I say to them – you are persons, you are children of God, you members of a nation you cannot torture for the sake of money that you cannot spend and that will not make you happy.

True happiness comes from encountering Christ,” Bishop Vidal added.

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