Critic says Argentinean government needs more pro-life leaders

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In the wake of Argentina recently legalizing abortion, the head of pro-life group Argentinos Alerta said that more pro-life leaders are in needed in the country's government.

“It is time we recognize this historic responsibility of those of us who today are militant pro-lifers, whether nor not we embrace a religious faith, for not having sought to occupy the places where decisions against life are being made,” Eduardo Cattaneo told EWTN News on Oct. 12.

“We pro-lifers should be today’s judges, journalists, teachers, politicians and scientists who, from those positions, could have been fighting for the rights of the weakest,” he said.

Cattaneo is among several pro-life leaders in Argentina who are encouraging the governor of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, to veto a law legalizing abortion in the province which was passed on Sept. 28.

Macri has said he would oppose the law because it allows minors under the age of 14 who were raped to obtain an abortion without parental consent and at any time throughout the pregnancy.

In his remarks to EWTN News, Cattaneo called on young people to understand the need to “change the current paradigm in which those who are pro-death make the decisions and those who are pro-life oppose them by trying to block their decisions. 

The new paradigm, for when our young people are adults, should be that the pro-lifers are the ones in these key positions,” he explained.

“Things are they way they are today because of systematic action by the enemies of life for years to bring about this situation, while we watched the waters of this massive river flow, and we were unable to shore up these waters so they would not contaminate,” Cattaneo said.

For this reason, he urged Argentineans to respond “to the urgent call made by John Paul II” for the “action of the lay faithful,” made in the late Pope's encyclical, Christifideles Laici.

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