Kansas City Royals take a stand against porn with educational seminar

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KC Royals host anti-porn convention. Credit: Fight the New Drug.

The Kansas City Royals became the first MLB team to take a strong stand against pornography last weekend, hosting an educational seminar to equip players with resources to resist and beat addiction.  

Teaming up with Fight the New Drug, an organization that works to educate on the harmful effects of pornography, the event served to instruct the team on the dangers of porn and ways to prevent and overcome addiction.

“It says a lot about the organization, that they care so much,” said Clay Olsen, co-founder and president of Fight the New Drug.

“Not only do they care about how the players perform on the field, but they also care about the overall well-being of the players and how they’re doing off the field, as well,” he said in a blog post.

Held during spring training in Surprise, Arizona, more than 200 KC Royals players, coaches, and other staff members attended the off-field educational seminar on March 3. Speakers included Coach Dayton Moore, MLB pitcher Blaine Boyer, and Fight the New Drug co-founder Clay Olson.

Pornography became a focus for the team after pitcher Danny Duffy received a DUI last summer. In response, Coach Moore discussed leadership and formation opportunities, a discussion that included the dangers of substance abuse and addictive behavior.

“We talk about pornography, and the effects of what that does to the minds of players and the distractions, and how that leads to abuse of—domestic abuse—to abuse of women,” Moore said.

During the seminar, players were presented with research and statistics on the negative effects that pornography has on productivity, self-image, performance, and relationships.

Studies have found that pornography floods the brain with dopamine and other chemicals that can reroute nerve pathways in the brain and create strong addictive patterns.

One chemical that is produced slows down the pleasure response in the brain and increases tolerance to addictive substances. Researchers have suggested that this may lead to tastes in pornography becoming increasingly darker and more extreme.

The seminar also discussed possible remedies to tackle porn addictions, and coaches met after the event to discuss strategies that may further help team members.

KC Royals teammates who attended the seminar voiced gratitude for the speakers and for a team that is taking a stance against pornography.

“Words really can’t express how much fighting the battle against pornography addiction means to me, and how grateful I am to be a part of the … first organization in professional baseball to actively fight against porn addiction,” said strength and conditioning coach Austin Womack.

“I still face temptation all the time. It’s tough. It’s a daily battle. But it’s a battle that is winnable and the positive repercussions from beating this addiction are more than worth the fight,” he posted on Instagram.

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