Poll shows abortion an important issue for American voters

By Michelle Bauman

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With just over four weeks remaining until Election Day, a new survey indicates that despite the heavy emphasis on economic issues, abortion remains a key factor for many American voters.

“Approximately one in six registered voters (17 percent) say they will vote only for candidates for major office who share their views on abortion – as high a percentage as Gallup has seen in recent election years,” the polling organization said.

On Oct. 4, Gallup released the results of a Sept. 24-27 poll asking respondents about their views on abortion and how important they considered the issue in determining who they will vote for in this election.

Among pro-lifers, 21 percent said that they would only vote for candidates who shared their views on abortion, while only 15 percent who consider themselves “pro-choice” said the same. 

“That represents 9 percent and 7 percent, respectively, of all voters – a slight pro-life tilt, albeit one that could potentially benefit pro-life Republican candidate Mitt Romney,” Gallup said.

In addition, the poll found that 49 percent of pro-life respondents see abortion “as one of many important factors” when considering candidates. Forty three percent of “pro-choice” participants also held this view.

While recent discussions surrounding the election have been largely dominated with talk of employment levels and the economy, “the abortion issue appears no less relevant to U.S. registered voters than usual,” Gallup concluded.

“Despite what some in the press may say, now more than ever, voters are showing that life is the issue upon which all other issues depend and will be important when determining which candidates deserve their votes,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America.

In May, Gallup reported that the percentage of Americans who identified as “pro-choice” had hit an all-time low of just 41 percent, while 50 percent considered themselves pro-life.

“Abortion is not an issue that can simply be erased out of the conscience of Americans,” said Hawkins, who is helping to lead a coalition asking Americans to vote only for candidates who support the value of unborn human life.

The I Vote Pro-Life First Coalition is currently working to collect pledges and raise awareness about life as a foundational issue in U.S. elections.

“Many elections this November will come down to only a few hundred votes, and we must make sure our voices, who represent those 54 million Americans killed through legal abortion, are heard,” Hawkins explained.

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