Pro-life group claims 35 abortion clinic employees have quit

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Pro-life group 40 Days for Life said this past Wednesday that since the inception of their campaign to pray in front of abortion clinics three years ago, 35 clinic workers have left their jobs and found new employment with the help of the organization.

David Bereit, national director for 40 Days for Life wrote in a May 19 blog post on the group's website that he recently shared the stage at an pregnancy center event in San Antonio with Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director. Johnson left her job of eight years at a Texas clinic in 2009 after seeing a live ultrasound of an abortion she was helping with and witnessing the prayers of those in the 40 Days for Life campaign, holding vigils at the facility where she worked.

“As Abby shared the story of her conversion, I was again amazed at how God has transformed her life — through the prayers and efforts of faithful people,” Bereit said of the recent event.

“Abby is just one of 35 abortion workers who have quit their jobs at 40 Days for Life locations,” he revealed, adding that his pro-life organization has “just received two more amazing reports.”

Bereit reported that Mike Stack, a 40 Days for Life leader in Southfield, Michigan, said his group recently encountered the office manager for the local Womancare Abortion Facility, where Stack has been leading prayer vigils. Stack told Bereit that his fellow prayer partner named Christine and the clinic manager struck up a casual conversation one morning when they arrived at the clinic.

The office manager eventually told Christine that she was unhappy working at the abortion facility but felt trapped and unable to find other employment. After Christine helped the women upgrade her resume and told other vigil holders about the situation, the office manager was able to find a new job a couple of months later.

Bereit also wrote in his blog post about a doctor friend of his whose colleague left a clinic and quit performing abortions because of the local 40 Days for Life vigils. The doctor, who at this point remains anonymous, told Bereit's friend that his conscience could not endure how kind the prayer vigil holders were to him and the women who went in and out of the clinic.

“Regardless of what is happening in the political arena or with the latest Supreme Court nomination,” wrote Bereit, “know that with God ALL things are possible — changing minds, touching hearts, saving lives, and impacting eternal souls.”

40 Days for Life has led six campaigns since its inception in 2007.

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