New website takes Holy Land Christianity worldwide

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An April 2, 2012 screen shot of the Franciscan Media Center's new site.

The Holy Land Custody’s Franciscan Media Center has launched a new multi-lingual website to visually tell the story of the Holy Land and to give “voice and visibility” to the local Church and sacred places of Jesus’ homeland.

The center aims to tell “an altogether different story” in contrast to news reports that speak only of “fear, division and conflict.”

The new website,, is “yet one more way” to bring the Holy Land to “the far corners of the world,” the Franciscan Media Center said March 31.

Among the website’s offerings are news stories, cultural pieces and information about events, pilgrimages, and interreligious dialogue. It contains interviews, documentaries and spirituality columns.

The center offers direct video transmissions of celebrations from the most important sanctuaries in the Holy Land.

Its website will publish video news daily, as well as episodes from the the weekly news program Terra Santa News.

Visitors to the website may read it in Italian, Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. An Arabic-language version will be available soon.

The Franciscan Media Center was launched in 2008. Its headquarters are in the New City area of Jerusalem.

The center aims to help the holy places of salvation reach around world “with all of their historical, cultural, human and spiritual vitality.” Its new website will allow the center to “become even closer to the many Christians and others who wish to know about follow, and stay in touch with the land of Jesus.”

Other Holy Land websites are also being revised to help pilgrims going to the Holy Land and those seeking information on the sanctuaries, Custody secretary Fr. Silvio R. de la Fuente said in a March 30 announcement.

The Sanctuary of the Holy Sepulchre’s new website provides enhanced graphics and a “virtual photo tour” of the church built on the empty tomb of Jesus.

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