Catholic nurse in Spain prevents abortions at hospital

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Mercedes Cruz Quesada, a supervisor in the surgical department at a hospital in Mallorca, Spain, was able to keep the facility from performing abortions by convincing nurses to refuse to participate in the procedure.

In an interview with Religion en Libertad on June 20, Cruz Quesada said her testimony of faith influenced her staff to support her decision to resign if hospital officials persisted in their attempts to provide abortion in order to obtain financing from the local government.

As a Catholic nurse, she said she told her own supervisor that “with all due respect” she could not fulfill his request that the surgery department be equipped to perform abortions. 

“I told them that I was very sorry, because I love my work and I am happy at this hospital, but that if this issue were to become a reality, I would present my resignation and leave the hospital,” she said.

Cruz Quesada recalled that on that occasion, she told hospital administrators that her decision “was not easy because of the economic crisis and the lack of jobs, but that I had thought over my decision well and was not going to turn back.” 

She said many of her colleagues did not find it difficult to join her in objecting to abortion.  “Some were already sure that they did not want to participate in this, and others had doubts, but I think that seeing what my stance was made them choose to say no,” she explained.

“Moreover, anyone who has seen an abortion, even if it was involuntary, can’t have the heart to want to participate in this. It is horrible,” she added.

Once management at the hospital realized that no nurse in the surgery department was willing to participate in abortions, “They faced a serious problem: they tried to get nurses from other departments to transfer to surgery on those specific days, but they needed to be trained and that took time.”

“Plus, what were they to do with all of us? It was a difficult problem to solve,” Cruz Quesada said.

Despite everything, she underscored, hospital administrators respected her decision the entire time “and they tried to find a solution to keep me from leaving the hospital.” 

“It is so important for those around you to respect you, to always try to help others, to never judge or criticize and to always do your work well. It’s important to always act like a good Christian: thus you gain respect and that is essential when making a decision like this,” she said.

She also thanked God if her testimony in resisting abortion would “help someone else to rethink their stance at work.”

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